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      Ad Posting Rules

      NilamiGhar.com?has certain Ad posting?rules/policies to be followed:

      1. Duplicate Ads:?Any ad posted more than once with the same content or Title in the same city and category would be considered as a Duplicate Ad. All duplicate ads would be deleted and members blocked if the problem persists.

      2. Ad duration:?NilamiGhar does not allow posting of the same ad upon deletion until 15 days after the date of posting.

      3. Sexually oriented material:?Ads?relating to products intended for use in sexual activity are not?permitted. Also, refrain?from using?title with graphic adult language, regardless of the item contained in the listing itself.?All Sexually oriented material ads would be deleted and members blocked if the problem persists.

      4. Inaccurate?content:?Do not use?irrelevant titles or description. Don’t include phone number(s) or special character(s) in the description.

      5. Inappropriate picture:?Do not include obscene, fake or?human images.?Kindly note, an?account can also be blocked depending upon?the severity of case.

      6. Misleading?item location:?Misrepresentation of Ad offer/content is not permitted.

      7. Unrealistic Price:?Ads with incorrect pricing will be rejected.

      8. Stock/Internet Images:?Ads having fake/generic?images are not permitted. We advise you to post real images of the item for sale.

      9. Local posting:?All offerings?to be located in Pakistan. Ads posted using foreign IP(s) or containing foreign location / number(s) are not permitted.?Importantly, an account should only correspond to one?phone number. Multiple phone numbers are strictly prohibited.

      Members who violate the rules may be subject to the following actions if the problem persists

      1. Permanent blocked from NilamiGhar community

      2. Reporting to Law Enforcement or Appropriate Authorities